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Maintain a high level of availability and security for your company.

Our technical staff is ready to serve you as one of the Africa's leading IT service providers.

With our skilled specialists, provide users with proper view and access permissions to requests, problems, revisions, contracts, solutions, and reports.

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Ensure High Availability of Your Services

Improve Efficiency And Provide Better Experience By Our IT Solutions!

Any company is capable of providing you software solutions, but at Drongo Technology, we ensure to prove you the most suitable software for your business.

System Design

System design is the epicenter of an efficient software. At Drongo Technology, we make sure the design is not only efficient for development, but also for the customer to use it.

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Business Growth

Our aim is to enable the growth of small and medium businesses by providing them with the most efficient software for the busineses.

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Business Intelligence

Businesses face tough competitions without proper information and decisions can have devastating effect, but with Business Intelligence, your will be equipped with the right information.

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Privileged Access Management

Extend proven Tech best practices to HR, finance, and other service delivery areas.

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Our deep pool of certified engineers and IT staff are ready to help you to keep business safe & ensure high availability.

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Our deep pool of certified engineers and IT staff are ready to help you to keep your IT business safe & ensure high availability.


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